D20 is a Pop Punk band hailing from Albuquerque NM. Influenced by traditional styles of Pop Punk, Metalcore, and Classic Rock, this powerhouse of musicians work to perfect their craft and reach out to their ever growing fan base. Formed in December of 2017 by Singer Adrian Phoenix, and guitarists Zak Aragon and Duane Hoskie, D20 has worked steadily to grow a fan base throughout the US, meeting passionate Bass player Jim Cheshire, and energetic Drummer Victor Maese along the way. The Ultimate goal for D20 is to connect with the fan base they love, with the songs they love to play.


Zack Aragon

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


I'm the guy who shreds & sings into a microphone


Adrian Phoenix

Victor Maese



I beat things with my sticks and make awesome faces

     Lead Vocals


I'm the guy singing into the microphone

Dwayne Hoskie

Jim Cheshire

   Lead Guitar & Vocals


I'm the guy shredding and occasionally sing into a microphone

     Bass & Vocals


I shred too but it slaps